Rest : The Play A Very Simple Story – Theatre – Ivano-Frankivsk

Rest : The Play A Very Simple Story – Theatre – Ivano-Frankivsk.

The play by Mariya Lado “A Very Simple Story”

many people share their impressions from the play “A Very Simple Story”,
and almost all of them say the same “it’s a great play!”,
after watching the play I recommend it to everyone who has not seen it yet,
and my impression is the same: “it’s a great play!”.

This “A Very Simple Story” is not that simple. In its plot there is both a comedy and a tragedy. The style of musical and bright costumes highlight the key moments of the play. The power of word, thought, the way people treat one another, talkative animals that think on philosophical and everyday problems…

It is impossible to divide the characters into main and secondary because all of them are important, complement one another, keep the attention of the spectators and make them sympathize their heroes.

The most talented to my mind was the performance of the actor Oleksiy Gnatkovskiy who played the role of cock. The actor’s facial expressions, exclamations and behavior of the intelligent cock had a great impact on people.

Theatre became popular. It is difficult to determine the reason: maybe it is connected with a good selection of plays, new actors and administration, or maybe people in our town have already missed the art of performance. But visiting the theatre today is not forced. People go to the theatre with great pleasure.




* Саме тут можна знайти як, де і коли провести свій вільний час. * Саме тут вільний час перетворюється на корисний час. * Саме тут знаходяться твої однодумці, які поділяють твої захоплення і чекають на тебе та на твої поради. * Саме тут ти можеш відкрити всесвіт біля своєї домівки і знайти домівку в будь-якій точці світу.
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