Ivano-Frankivsk – A City of Comfort



There are a lot of wonderful places in the world which we would like to visit. Our friends show us their wonderful pictures from different cities and countries and we feel a great desire to pack our suitcases, to buy a ticket and to go somewhere to watch old buildings, parks, churches, to stop in some cozy square to have a rest and to eat or to drink coffee in some café. And everything seems to be unusual, tastier and more exotic…

But it does not matter to what places trains or buses will take us: to ancient Lviv, calm Warsaw or authentic Krakow – we start to compare every new city with our native one, so compact, cozy, with quiet, spacious streets, without noisy avenues and huge number of cars in the streets, without crowds of people in subway and queues near buses, the city that does not leave anyone indifferent and where almost all people are acquainted.

Ivano-Frankivsk is a home city, a city of associations.

To read the rest of the wonderful story about Ivano-Frankivsk go to Rest.if.ua

Photos of Ivano-Frankivsk here


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